Plenary and Invited Speakers

The 5th Symposium programme will treat advances in topical formulations for improved skin delivery and will include the following topics:

- Skin biology. Skin is a complex and dynamic ecosystem that is colonized by bacteria, fungi and viruses. This skin microbiota is fundamental to skin physiology and immunity. This session will notably underline how cosmetics and pharmaceutics could act intelligently to preserve or eliminate this microbiome.
Confirmed speakers: Dr. Cécile Clavaud (L'Oréal, France); Pr. Matthew Hardman (University of Hull, UK); Dr. Dominik Imfeld (DSM Ltd, Switzerland).

- Biophysical tools. Fine tools are needed to investigate the skin and its interaction with topical formulations. Recent progress in imaging and characterization techniques will be described.
Confirmed speakers: Pr. Malcolm Clench (Sheffield Hallam University, UK); Dr. Jean Doucet (Novitom, France ; Dr. Christian Riethmüller (Centre for Nanotechnology, Germany).

- Rheology of skin products. An important area of the applied physics for the scientists, crucial process parameters for industrial, textures for the consumers. Rheology is a complex area which will be addressed during this symposium.
Confirmed speakers: Pr. Florence Agnely (University of Paris-Sud, France); Dr. Pascal Brochette (Atellane, France); Dr. Valentine Ibekwe (MHRA, UK).

- Skin product development. From concept to final product, skin product development significantly depends on the context. New active ingredients or reformulation? Pharmaceutical application or cosmetic product? Through case studies, this session will illustrate the key-concepts of such developments.
Confirmed speakers: Pr. Jonathan Hadgraft (University of London, UK); Dr. Milica Lukic (University of Belgrade, Serbia); Pr. Mauricio Camargo and Dr. Javier-Andres Arrieta Escobar (University of Lorraine, France).

- Big data. A large spectrum of data invades our lives, artificial intelligence excite our minds. From the detection of pathologies to the selection of ingredients for topical products, this session will give some trends in the use of digital technologies in skin area.
Confirmed speakers: Marc Atallah (Zettafox, France); Pr. Nicola Zamboni (ETH Zurich, Switzerland).


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